„Only the convinced

Our company

We stand for excellent quality and offer a complete package – everything from one source.

Whether planning, implementation or service, our excellent employees offer the ideal solution for your request. Nothing is impossible – true to the motto: “There’s no such thing as can’t be done”, we enthusiastically tread new paths and are not afraid of uncharted territory. No task is too difficult, no solution too complicated. Since time is becoming increasingly important, we are also increasing our professionalism and efficiency.

Projects from Grübl are carried out with the greatest care and sense of duty.
Our products and services show what Austrian quality stands for – for more than 27 years. Let your request become our challenge.

Our employee

“Anyone who contributes their best to a business is the best kind of employee you can have as a business owner. “

“The best people work at Grübl”. The company can now look back on almost 30 years as a model company in qualitative employee training and development. The good reputation we have built up as a result has now spread far beyond the borders of the country. From apprentices to HTL and (technical) university graduates to skilled workers and integration employees – everyone is part of the team here.

The most diverse tasks require a volatile training spectrum – that’s why the Grübl company builds on diversity and thus on its employees. Family cohesion has already made friends out of many colleagues. We all join hands in support.

Our customers

“A simple rule of success: always give the customer more than they expect.”

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business. We can grow with every happy customer and we take advantage of this opportunity. Looking to the past, we can look back on 27 years of steady and healthy growth. As we look to the future, we continue to build on the trust of our customers and in return we continue to promise the highest quality with 100% reliability.

With individual planning, we place our clients at the center of our efforts, making the customer the goal and purpose of our daily work. The customer defines the progress – and we keep up at eye level. Let us work together on the future.

Our quality management

In order to be able to meet our demanding customer requirements, it is essential to recognize these and subsequently implement them in attractive products and services. In doing so, we aim to meet the requirements of our modern and diverse society. Regular satisfaction analyses provide us with important information and enable us to improve the way we work together. With the vision of not only fulfilling customer wishes, but always exceeding them, we are constantly working on ourselves with the help of the management tool.

Our goals and values

“Once the mind is set on a goal, many things come to it.”

With great pleasure in becoming better every day, we grow with our tasks and do not lose sight of our goal.

The Grübl company has been taking responsibility for its employees, for its customers and for our environment for almost 3 decades. As a company we act economically sustainable.

In doing so, both the customer and the project are in the foreground without neglecting the needs of the employees. Creating value – we see this not only as our mission, but rather as our duty. Everything from one source and as individually as desired. We offer the solution in all areas of automation technology.

Our philosophy

In addition to technical innovations and solutions, the company is characterized by its family, flexible and solution-oriented culture with employees and partners, which has been exemplified by the company owner Ing. Ekkehard Grübl since its inception. This philosophy is also followed by the management and employees of Grübl Automatisierungstechnik GmbH.
Flat structures, a high degree of flexibility and the shortest possible decision-making paths make it possible for customer requirements to be implemented immediately.

Our strategy

As a company you can either be cost leader, quality leader or specialist? No!

We, prove the opposite. We offer the highest quality at the best cost efficiency for each customer individually. Thus, we rely on a combination of the most common scientific business strategies and prove success by “thinking differently”.

Quality leadership: Our products, our employees and our service stand out for their exceptional quality.

We offer unparalleled value and deliver what we promise: whether 24-hour support, Austrian added value or top trained employees. This is quality at the highest level.

Cost leadership: The best price for our customers is a matter of course. We offer the best price/performance ratio. Through central purchasing, we use synergies and can thus reduce costs.

We focus on technological leadership.

We are keeping up with the times and continuing to expand our expertise in digitalization and automation. One of the central ideas: the automation of the manufacturing process. This involves redefining workplaces and their requirements. This is achieved by regularly redesigning the entire workflow of our company. Our long-standing business relationships and partnerships are maintained and expanded internationally.