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We offer automation and electrical engineering for all industrial and commercial requirements in the areas of bioenergy, building control technology, process control technology and special plant construction. Our services range from project planning, software planning and execution, electro-technical ECAD planning to semi-automated control cabinet production as well as the wiring of plants with final commissioning. We meet the highest quality standards according to ISO9001.

Automation technology

Our experience in plant engineering covers all requirements of control and regulation technology. By using high-quality control and visualization systems that are established on the market, we can provide our customers with highly available systems that can be maintained, adapted and expanded over a long period of time.

Electrical engineering

In addition to software engineering services, complete electrical engineering solutions are also offered. Starting from the electrical planning with modern 3D systems, the digitalized mechanical prefabrication up to the production of the distribution cabinets, their assembly at the plant and the cabling on site, our customers get everything from one source.

Building management system

From classic building technology for heating, air conditioning, lighting, shading, access and burglary monitoring to customised control systems for special requirements (e.g. fire brigade), GRÜBL automation technology provides reliable and long-term solutions.

Process control technology

For process engineering and larger networked production plants, it is of utmost importance to record and evaluate global process and plant data in order to quickly identify possible risks and dangers or to carry out optimizations. For this purpose, we use control technology systems which, on the one hand, have standardized functions / modules and, on the other hand, offer the flexibility we need to meet our customers' requirements. We use modern, compact and

24/7 Support

Our 24/7 support guarantees you round-the-clock service 365 days a year. Due to the constant availability of a trained application engineer, who will assist you by telephone and remote maintenance, or who will quickly take the appropriate steps in the event of major damage, you will never be alone with your problem. Our team provides the best possible support and does everything in its power to keep unwanted system failures as short as possible.


The sun offers us an inexhaustible source of energy. Through photovoltaic technology, solar radiation can be directly converted into electricity

About us.

Quality, efficiency and progress. Everything from a single source.

With our complete package consisting of planning, implementation and servicing of automation solutions, we succeed in fulfilling our customers’ requirements to the highest degree of efficiency. In doing so, we do not accept any compromises in terms of quality.

We are guided by the highest standards for quality and safety. The EN ISO 9001:2015 certification stands for our evaluation standard and promises our employees, our customers and thus the company transparent processes, continuous improvement and steady growth. Accordingly, we always strive for consistent compliance with our rules and processes to guarantee optimal implementation of the company’s goals and values.




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